acid peels really pay off

Barring having taken off my specs for that school photo at grade 2, I look remarkably the same but less freckled.

In fact, my long-running joke that one day, they’d all run together and I’d have the best tan around rather came true by my 30s! I’ve spent literally thousands of dollars (at first on dermatologist office peels, then many years running with my favourite beauty product*) on keeping all that Girl Hillbilly sun damage tampened!

Still favour red outfits and smashing my hair flat, too.

* Dr. Dennis Gross Alpha-Beta Peels. GD, who studied at Aveda’s Aesthetician school says she has never seen such (generally) smooth and healthy skin on ladies of a certain age–down to girls in their 20s. Normally, I wouldn’t believe such a compliment but it became a huge source of frenzied purchases of my regimen (not brand-loyal, I use products from whichever lines that work for me but in general Dennis Gross products ain’t bad). While I was out in Colorado, several hundreds of dollars were spent by various ladies in an attempt to find a little-o-what I gots. I reminded them: I drink 3L of water a day, I do not smoke and I wear sunscreen.

However, as stated, my skin now is better (looking) than it was 10 years ago, when I still did all those things. I credit the peels. Sounds like I’m bragging but it’s more like shock. I can hardly believe they work so well (but seriously, this is daily use and sometimes twice a day for over a decade). 


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