spring, bit damp round here 

thank gods the National Weather Service is ‘on’ it…-that’s sarcasm

This came to my phone with accompanying screech almost an hour after my house flooded. Guess it may help the Flatlanders upstate.


An hour earlier, Bobby warned me by appearing terrified but I knew something wicked this way cometh cos it had gone pitch black at pre-10h.

Like any hillbilly worth her salt, I ran outside to see what I could see/ forecast where to run or lie in a ditch.

I heard the freight train sound and reckoned I’d go inside and lay the levees. -since Kitchen River is a frequent spring-summer thing, I’ve learnt where to place a couple of sauna towels to narrow the flow towards a drain

Normally,* this is my only flooding area. The house had that work where they dig around, lay drainage tiles, bury drainage pipes out to the pastures and we have a sump pump for when the water comes down to quickly to allow natural drainage.

While I heard the train sound (tornados don’t always make that sound but if you hear it and don’t live near a train track but do find yourself in the Midwest, it’s a given that something was a-cycling over yer head!), it didn’t set down–at least here. What we got was a super-cell storm that brought within 3 minutes, enough water to flood the kitchen and *dining room, which has never happened.

Then it went away but another wave came. We’re meant to have this off and on all day.

Normally, I’d be at work but I was home sick for the fun and frolic! Can’t be bothered to clean up as you can’t battle Mother Nature. Let her tirade and once she’s stomped off, then I can clean.

I told The Duchess it was safe to use the phone, it was clearing for now but another wave was coming (pointing at the sky). She went to ask Spike if she could use the phone and he told/ showed her the same thing.

Heh. He is older but I was raised here, too! Besides, who do you think taught me to read the sky? Hell, I impressed fishermen off The West of Ireland with my weather forecasts. They rely on news nowadays. Me? I was raised like it was the mid-19th century, the way their grandparents (or great-grandparebts) were. Didn’t have electricity to tune into a non-existent wireless back then, did ya? 

Look to the skies! –and listen to animals, the wind, watch the trees and animals

It’s not sympathetic augury. It’s real shit. I can’t tell you the next month but the next few hours, I pretty good with!


3 thoughts on “spring, bit damp round here 

  1. Oh crud, that sounds like a mess. As long as you have a floor with a house over it, water can be cleaned up. I’m glad there weren’t any touchdowns near you.

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