How was your day? Me: Not as bad as BadBoy’s




 Rather hoping the fucker doesn’t croak from this. He got run over (in his car on a city street) by an 18 wheeler on the way home from work last night.

His neck is broken but he’s not paralysed. He must be immobile for 3 months–at least this is the early prognosis for recovery. 

While he’s an Atheist, he doesn’t mind prayers!


13 thoughts on “How was your day? Me: Not as bad as BadBoy’s

    • Brother is brother 🙂 BadBoy is my oldest make friend. Wife HATES me but keeps it cool due to us having a longer relationship than they!

      Anyway. I’ve seen worse but with the hard knock he had, shite can go sideways. Certainly he COULD have a great recovery. Early days. And thanks for any well-wishes.

      I texted a retired serviceman (medic) the news and he said ‘good way to put it.’ I went back to see what I said and then couldn’t tell if he was being sarcastic OR if as a brat with all the men in our family going to war and then a Strong Mammy, if I hadn’t come across too cold. He said that he was sincere. How I BLOGGED wasn’t as cool but still shows my sense of gallows humour–a bit. I love the guy. Don’t want him but love him. So, I am actually worried but optimistic.

      Long reply shows I am, in fact, pretty emotional. Bleurg.


  1. Oh man what a fright. Good thing he made it through that!
    Here’s to a perfect recovery for him and to no need to worry for you.
    These things can be all over the place the first week or two with swellings going up and down – and then it gets clearer what’s what.
    Great that they already know he’s not paralysed. Big hugs to you!

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  2. Wow. Just absolutely wow. I’m amazed he is still among the living. Nothing but healing, positive energy headed his way. Holy hell, he’s a mess. Here’s hoping that 6-12 months from now, you can all have a drink and laugh about this. Big hugs for you both!

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    • These things can be tricky BUT he’s very positive and younger than a friend’s dad who had a similar but worse start and after 12mos, is basically his old self but the first few months were BAD. I think BadBoy will be better in 6.


    • As a card-carrying Irish-Jew, who learnt spells from both sides, I’ve already started some heathen crap. Throw something his way, he’ll take it all!


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