This week can kiss my arse

For those not following my every twitch on Twitter…

BadBoy (this is a man) was run the fuck over by a tractor trailer and his neck was broken. He is not paralysed.

I found Bobby’s mangled corpse this morning on my way to work.

I came home (never actually made it with the hysterical sobbing) to learn Bobby had been shot,  then dumped in the middle of the road to be ran over repeatedly to hide the evidence.

While I do not know the official tally, I had read in a local, Podunk paper about dogs being shot and dumped on our road over the last couple of months. The tally then was 3, so Bobby makes 4 unless there were more. I don’t frequently follow local news.

This led to a series of phone calls with the county & different departments. There’s an investigation already and several threats have been reported. This sounds perhaps all too common in more populous area and even though there are some 700 homes across these three valleys (when I was a kid, it was SEVEN), it’s still pretty shocking.

There’s no direct proof and while there are two popularly-suspected men in the area, that doesn’t even mean it was them. Either way, my semi-retarded dog was killed and dumped. I have to drive passed that mark on the road where there’s still some meat left and a mess of bloodstain.

I’m almost beyond the clawing need to help him. I’m almost to ire, just too tired at the moment.

I mean, the officer kept apologising and I wasn’t even crying. Filing the report required graphic details, though.

That was fucking unpleasant.

But back to after Bobby’s body and before the intrigue:

I pulled off the road because I had been swerving around a bit and then found myself sitting at a green light, bawling. Nobody honked. I think they could see I was beside myself and thought ‘bitch needs to get off the road.’

That’s when I got off the road, cried more, made some phone calls, cried more, called out of work, cried more, posted Bobby’s Dead, cried more, made some more phone calls and after 2 hours, decided to go home. I had calmed down.

Whilst sitting in my car, I had turned the motor off OF COURSE but left the lights on so as to not get run the fuck over myself.

Turning the key, nothing happened.

My battery had gone dead, too. That’s a story in itself (‘how many men does it take to jumpstart MT’s sportwagon?’) but the end is that I have a brand new battery.

Then I went and bought a bottle of wine from Cahors (beautifully odd place in France), a bottle.of hard liquor and a 6 pack of my favourite sweet cidre. -typically, I prefer very dry but sometimes I make exceptions

So, fuck this week.


26 thoughts on “This week can kiss my arse

      • Bullshit. For you at this moment, this is the worst. Goddamn fucking humans, I wish they would all die. Every one of them. Except for the short list I have made.

        Trying to funny, but it’s not working. My heart has been breaking for you and now THIS??? I wish every person who does something horrible with a gun (we have guns, we don’t do horrible things with them) would have their fucking guns blow up in their faces. I don’t care if it kills them, just blind them and leave them lying there.

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        • YES

          I told Steve, this is the SIXTH dog I’ve had shot but the other 5 were back in the 1980s. I don’t know if it’s the names I mentioned to him (not publicly) but it’s SO like that situation that I wonder if Mr. Brad hasn’t had another run at his Fun. He is also widely known as a firebug. Both turned out from local fire protection and also protected. I mean, when the brotherhood kicks you out due to let’s say suspicion… He needs to have his arms removed and I don’t mean the kind you load with bullets. Could EASILY be another mentalist. Or us know, an unknown but TWO mfers we suspect!


        • I dunno… He says they’ll want to know. I say that I’m frigging tired, won’t bring him back. Bro says do it anyway.


    • I just blabbed to Laurie what I’d say to you here. It’s not the first time for ME but I thought that as long done. As I told Steve, The Ozarks are beautiful but a deadly and dangerous place. You don’t have to provoke meanness. People like to bring it here to hide from the authorities.


  1. So so sorry. What a terrible week you have had! Even if reporting it and involving ASPCA doesn’t bring him back, you may stop some nasty human scum from killing any more dogs in the area.

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      • No. The system often fails children. It will more often fail animals.
        And, like you said, Bobby isn’t coming back.

        In time you will remember the good times. But only in time.


      • there is now a fbi database of animal abuser and I think it was Jan 1 that crimes against animals became more serious, nation-wide… but that could just be my wishful thinking.


        • They do have to be caught, of course. I know that people who kill / maim animals typically “move up” from there, which would explain the database. I’m all for it.

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    • Thanks. How badly his body was mangled to disguise the shits scares me more. There weren’t body parts everywhere. He had been beheaded and quartered. Only the mid section was ‘available’ and that was hit several times. It’s more the horror of that choice, though they apparently shot first.


  2. So sorry for your loss. I was just checking in and saw this. He seemed like such a good dog. You both didn’t deserve this. I hope they find who did this and allow you ten minutes with them first.


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