MO Conservationist Magazine archived ONLINE! (& ambient sound video from today)

I was looking for a specific thing (as I do all the time) on my phone, using ‘missouri conservation _______.’ I start the searches with MO Conservation because the department is a wealth of info, often provided as short description and then related links galore, often scientific papers by geologists, botanists and conservationists-proper. The magazine titled Missouri Conservationist is a publication I grew up reading. I have a stack of recent issues that I not only enjoy reading but often curate with my own -usually drunk when I do this goofball insights. -by ‘insights’ I mean poking fun of being a Hillbilly amongst hillbillies

Then, if’n yer lucky, I post them to you! It’s a play on the postcard circle only you get a glossy magazine that I’ve defaced with bullshit. -lucky you!

ANYWAY I was searching for whatever and Dr. Google offered a link that said Missouri Conservationist, March 2015. I was like: w–w–WOT?! Clicked and a lurvely pdf downloaded to my Safari mobile and I skimmed through last month’s magazine online!!


Way-Back Machine: Beginning July 1977

Recent Issues: Beginning July 1995

So, I ‘ve got that going for me. Now, I’ll have to DL issues and mark-up when I’m drunk in Evernote then spam people. -FA!


Listen, Bobby’s still dead and I’m still in mourning but I’m also still half-Irish and half-Jew. You can’t keep me down in the mouth for long. I’m dreading the next month or so of driving to and from home, passing his smear mark on our road but Death is part of Life. His being killed is an extra-shitty part but that happens, too.

Video: ambient sound of wildlife and view of dogwoods across the back pasture. I’m not crying in the video, my voice is just extra-husky as it’s morning.


4 thoughts on “MO Conservationist Magazine archived ONLINE! (& ambient sound video from today)

  1. That’s so cool about the magazines. The internet is so much better than it was 25 years ago. I remember grumbling that I would go to a site and it was totally useless. I would try to find info an it would only be a photo and a couple of sentences……all of it leading nowhere. Now, everything is there.
    Your property is so beautiful. I just walked around our back acres. It’s chilly, but, it’s definitely spring. I love the bird sounds.

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      • When I am mourning (which happens more often with more animals…..but, not with the shock you had…not minimizing) ….I love to just sit outside by the fishpond. Just a breeze or a dragonfly stopping by helps. Being outside brings me closer to the spirits that aren’t with me anymore.


        • Growing up on a working ranch, I killed hundreds of animals-including dogs and cats. Of the dogs that were here, let’s say over 100, only 2 were proper pets and the one before Bobby was smart and more of a friend.

          The guard dog I grew up with was 100% working dog BUT I don’t recall a time before him and he was with us til my age (and his) 14. So, it’s true that I have little callous for early demise of pets, though both died about 1/2 what their expected lifespan is.

          The 1st was very sad, full health and I came home to him paralysed from the neck down, barely breathing. That really got me because I made the call to put him down and should have done so 2 hrs sooner. I just couldn’t. Kept thinking maybe there was hope (when any mildly intelligent person could have told there was not). Bobby was nothing but a few pieces and a great deal of blood, only his shoulders still in a piece. That was 7 kinds of shite.

          If he hadn’t been special-needs, I think I’d have gone less crazy, even with the gore and then learning it was done to hide the crime.

          As you well know, I keep looking for him. I know this part well enough as a natural part of grieving.

          Right now being outside hurts more because I was outside with him more than inside. He was my action pup, for sure. It took a lot of energy to sweep off the porch yesterday. Sounds dumb but outside is harder for me. It’s still beautiful but lonelier.


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