neighbours made the local paper

-this is not a joke, this is the front page and these are my neighbours if you cross the front creek (recent blog post) and head over the next rise into their valley


They’re retiring the farm. We retired our ranch now several years ago and the farm behind us retired a couple years ago but the next generation is considering starting up again.


2 thoughts on “neighbours made the local paper

  1. So many farmers retiring. After growing up next to one I have an understanding of the massive amount of work that has to go into it. So they have my sympathies. Especially in our time when everything has to be cheap cheap cheap and all the prices being squeezed.
    Though then this ironic voice in my heads pops up and asks “with everyone doing white collar jobs – where will our food eventually come from?” :-p


    • It’s really hard in the U.S. Where small family farms are prosecuted to deter them (brought by factory farming). It’s an issue covered in lots of documentaries.


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