one week ago…

It happened.

I got this last night from Laurie, our Canadienne. Thank you. 

It looks a lot like Bobby.

‘Why did we have to stop? I want to fly. Make it go, Sissy!’


11 thoughts on “one week ago…

      • Not surprising at all. I was still having crying spells two years after losing Calli to peaceful old age.

        Bobby was horribly taken from you. I’m still so angry I don’t know what to do.


        • It’s my whole day revolved around his care. He wasn’t like any of the dogs we had…he would’ve been put down as a pup for not thriving. So, yes, I miss his goifballness but mostly it’s routine-interrupted.


    • I told FS your comment about the perp getting shot in the face and living… She said, ‘I want to be the one who shoots him in the face.’ I suppose some of them get punishment in some form. I think if the law doesn’t take care of women and kids, furry critters are pretty much screwed.


  1. I will miss the Bobby stories. A card isn’t much, just a little token of appreciation for getting to share some of his adventures.


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