spring, Barefoot & Bare-fist fighting: Ozarks gardening

90 minutes and only got in the beetroot, beans, corn, onion sets, summer squash, okra, radishes, cucumbers, marigold, nasturtium and spinach. Still need tomatoes, peppers and eggplant. 

I may also have forgotten something planted or on the to-do list for 2nd planting time (1st planting time is around Imbolc, 2nd Bealtainne, 3rd Midsummer).

Sage coming in nicely:

Baby dill. He’ll grow about 3 feet bushier:

Lavender’s having a rough spring. Very little green has peeked out from last years remains:

6 foot high garden fence topped with barbed wire, to keep out deer:



2 thoughts on “spring, Barefoot & Bare-fist fighting: Ozarks gardening

    • It does love sun! Ours is usually a giant yellow, flowering shrub of joy come June. I pick large springs & put in a bud vase to smell. Who does that?! Me!

      Our poor basil isn’t doing worth a crap but it had about 3,000 babies. I guess next year it’ll be ready to have more of a normal output. I yanked the old main skeleton (over an inch thick stem & all its ‘branches’) completely out & pitched into the front pasture.


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