ACA / Obamacare and me, part 2

Nobody recalls this post from when I first bought health insurance through the government-curated (they have RULES if you want to sell insurance through there) and possibly tax-credited scheme. I say possibly because I can hardly believe it but oh, yes I can — there are 3 people in my acquaintance who decry, ‘They wouldn’t let me buy through them!!!’

They make too much money to receive any tax credit, so they cry. If you MAKE TOO MUCH MONEY, then you can AFFORD healthcare, eedjits!

The Affordable Care Act means you cannot be price-gauged into paying more than a certain percent of what your income is. Now, when I wrote that linked post (blow-harding about having never been on the dole in all my life but explaining how ACA helped me anyway because my company’s ‘offered’ insurance was EXORBITANTLY priced for extremely poor coverage. When I went to see what this ACA / Obamacare thing was about, it meant my healthcare quality increased by 5 times what coverage I had received for less than half the premiums.

I was made redundant the second week of May 2015.

Unemployment insurance in the state of Missouri is 40% of what you previously made and that’s gross, you don’t actually get that 40%, it’s less-taxes. The maximum claim is for 20 weeks (5 months).

As a side note, for those who don’t know, I live in the middle of nowhere. Atmy Profile Orientation, it was explained that I’m considered a special case since there’s no jobs here. That’s a different topic but the point is: while I want to get gainful employment, even Missouri doesn’t believe it will happen. That was a bit…stress-inducing. I’ve stopped sleeping again.

Anyway! I’m only mentioning this because of what happened TODAY with the ACA / Obamacare.

I got an email stating that I needed to sign into I found a message that looked like it wanted me to complete an application from last year but it was dated today’s date.

This verily much confused me. I rang. The EXTREMELY pleasant (they’ve all been pleasant) young man on the phone ran me through rings of proof of ID and then settled in for a long convo. In short, the gov noticed that my income had changed.

I had to RE-APPLY. This almost made me cry, shit and puke at the same time. I thought this meant my insurance(Cigna) might drop me or something! The only people I know who applied for government-healthcare (the actual dole) who didn’t have kids were denied. I don’t understand that whole ball of wax and I don’t want to have to do…

He walked me through the whole thing (good, too, as I was figuring it with net income, not gross) and the punchline is: as of July, I’ll pay $140.00 less a month in premiums.


He said, ‘Yeah, that’s going to help.’ Yes, it is.

I’m not happy to be unemployed. I’m ashamed, though it’s not my fault Delilah took a company making 28million a year down to 500,000 in a few short years. That’s not on me. I’m ashamed that I’ve failed in my own head. As somebody who paid in for 28 years, I’m grateful that this safety net exists. Now, mind you: when I get a new job, I will go back to paying full price. For now? What a relief.


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