Ace is the Place


We’re fostering Ace to see if he likes it here. His real daddy was deployed overseas. He’s a 5 year old German Shepherd Mix.

He’s so skinny!!! –compared to lardass, Bobby, which wasn’t Himses fault. Dogs start looking like their owners

He had his first free-run (fenced, gated but open to say…10 acres) this morning and you could tell that he had never been anywhere that ‘big’ before. It’s the area where I kept him on leash during our 5 miles of walking & jogging* between Noon and 18:30. He’s gotta do some free runs cos Sissy’s not in as good of shape as Ace!
* No surprise, with a serviceman daddy, Ace LOVES to jog and does so beautifully!


11 thoughts on “Ace is the Place

    • Largely, he’s terrified. Totally new place, we ain’t no suburbs! There’s a good chance we’ll keep him but for now, unless I’m jogging with him (or taking a water break), he’s very afraid & separation-angst-ridden.

      I hope he settles in cos having 1 life for 5 years and then totally ripped away is a lot to ask of anybody!


    • Thanks and you remembered!

      Since I grew up both on a working ranch (farm animals) AND where we boarded and trained dogs, I’ve got extensive experience–though no certifications. Spike won awards and championships (technically the dogs did but a goodly part is due to training). I was prepared for what I’d call obstinacy but what is kindler put ‘the dog tries to train you,’ intelligence and ENERGY when I got a phone call an hour before his arrival. Dutch just rang up, ‘hope you’re ready to babysit.’ HAR!

      I’m seeing a bit less energy, a bit less intelligence and FAR more separation anxiety than believed. The obstinacy (or little less Smarts) is pretty much what I expected and am relieved it’s no worse!

      I think the energy is due to his age. I’m kinda relieved because I was expecting way more. Still. I’m packing this extra layer of fat (2 sizes larger than my normal middle aged size). I couldn’t handle a whole lot more!


    • HAR! Yeah, I’ve never tried patriotism (why the American flag shoved my drunken-passed-out hands was so funny from STPD). I asked Dutch for a ‘fun lead’ as Christmas present a few years ago. She couldn’t be bothered, so addressed the ‘fun lead’ purchase to Spike. THAT was his response (with all the cute stuff out there???). I just went with it.

      Now, it finally kinda works since he’s a serviceman’s doggie!


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