Acey at rest

It’s day 3 or technically 2.75 🙂

It’ll take time but he’s already made a pet of The Duchess — it’s hilarious. He thinks she’s just SO amusing! He’s learning that Spike is best avoided (in fact, I’m a tad concerned as he growls when he sees him but that only proves Ace’s smart). Me? I’m apparently his Mammy. He leans against me when scared, regularly clings to my skirts (figuratively, it’s hot and humid, so I’m in shorts but I’ll wonder where he is and it’s hiding hehind me, sometimes with a whisker against me just to be sure).

He’s just a dream to jog with!! I could never get Bobby to not sit down in front of me as I was running. -thereby causing me to go feet over tits



4 thoughts on “Acey at rest

    • He’s still growling & barking at Spike but that just shows he’s smart! Vet even said ‘this is a smart dog!’ (We went to school together, her name is Beth)

      I was like, ‘Bobby was dumb as a box of rocks–though I loved him even more because of that, he needed me more–so I can’t tell if Ace is terribly smart or just smart and comparatively as genius;p

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