‘Butterfly plant’ (butterfly milkweed), Missouri native

There used to be laws regarding cutting and transplanting this native. I don’t know if they’re still at risk but ours are wild. When we bushhog, we leave them alone. In other words, as Ozarkers always do: we are conservationists, whether that means defending or culling.

They’re a joyous sight on their own but particularly when covered–as they normally are–with butterflies! Yet again, my Doolittle skills are strong:

Here’s Missouri Conservation’s easy to read landscaping flyer for making a happy butterfly (and honey bee!) environment.


2 thoughts on “‘Butterfly plant’ (butterfly milkweed), Missouri native

  1. We are all about native plants here on So. Cal. We had a lovely Butterfly milkweed going out back, until… damn gophers. Sigh. We will have to plant another. I was hoping more would pop up for us since it had spread its seed before it’s root chomping, but, alas, nothing yet.


    • Bummer! Ours are all because we’ve lived here for almost 50 years. We didn’t have them a the beginning but I suppose bird-poo-propagation did it:) we have tons of wild violets and some other rarities but mostly it’s our fauna that is impressive. Mum plants OUTSIDE plants, which I hate but she won’t stop. Grr!


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