Das ist ein sumpfschildkroete-hund!

Why yes, I googled terrapin in German.

Ace got 5 Terrapins in the last 3 days and that’s only because he’s constrained from the Big Woods about 20 hours / day.

In case my Deutsch is off, that’s what you get when you learn by hearing neighbours talk from baby to teen, then living on the Continent with a German roomie: ‘not good German.’

We keep relocating them off El Rancho Reedo but it’s getting old. I don’t want him to get to break the shell and eat one because I think that’ll mean he never leaves them alone. I keep saying ‘mine’ and taking them from him. ::sigh::

In good news, Ace likes to play in the rain and is not askert of thunder. In case I failed to mention, he also rides beautifully in the car! He lays down when I crank the engine and stays down the whole time. Very unlike my special-needs boy!



4 thoughts on “Das ist ein sumpfschildkroete-hund!

    • Very kind! I RARELY speak German and don’t try to write it, as a rule. I understand fairly well!

      It gets better the more time I spend but growing up with the Berger family as close friends meant you had to understand since Grandpa B only spoke half-English/ half-German and Grandma B spoke pretty good English until a) she was angry or b) she forgot / didn’t care that you didn’t!

      My Roomie never spoke in German to me but her fiancé was over a lot & her family came to visit. Basically, she’d forget that I understood! I’d sometimes make a comment to her in the side (French was our common language) and she’d get embarrassed:) Her MOTHER thought it was the cutest thing EVER when I tried to speak to her (her parents didn’t speak English or French, I think they were pretty common folk, which ya know, so am I but they didn’t have your broadly-impressive modern European education).


  1. Our dogs got a Blandings turtle that had come into the yard to lay eggs. Happily she wasn’t hurt and we relocated her, too. But, I don’t want them to kill one, either. Ugh!

    I’m glad he’s a happy car rider!


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