RUN out and buy ‘Oopsy Daisy’ Chamomile #cidre

This is one of their ‘Out on a limb’ line of small batch-rotating specialties.

It’s sweet -duh, it’s cidre with a surprisingly dry finish. It’s not tart–just dries off nicely.

I detect a cinnamony-flavour but I don’t see that listed. There is a decidedly honeyed flavour, which is still bright and not cloying.

In short, this is my FAVE Woodchuck specialty after last winter’s Oak-barrel-aged version.



4 thoughts on “RUN out and buy ‘Oopsy Daisy’ Chamomile #cidre

    • You REALLY haven’t exhausted their alternate versions. There are 2 that were actually VERY dry. I can’t tolerate any of the 12 versions of Angry Orchard I’ve tried as they’re too sweet!!

      I don’t suggest you try this one but Winter Oak or even their hop-flavoured (tastes like beer to me and I HATE beer (hop-tastic, is the name, I think)).

      There’s also another one that was like a blend of evergreens, which I enjoyed but wouldn’t purchase again.

      When I lived in Europe (decades ago), cidre was very common, served to kids at meals and you chose sweet or dry. I always chose dry. THIS one, again, I don’t suggest due to the sweet 1st taste, though the finish is dry.

      I really haven’t yet found an American dry I can swear by but that Winter version was good.

      Many American cidres aren’t gluten-free. They add shite for colour or taste so many of the more popular brands, I can’t try.


  1. I’ve not seen those here in my area, but may have at a place like Total Wine.
    The last two ciders I tried here that I liked a lot were Spire Mountain and Original Sin.


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