Ace met the nieces

No photos, sorry.

The winner would’ve been when I turned around and saw Stinky Teen -one year older (16), than I was when I’d already MOVED OUT who is a bit more than a pain to people around her –so I’m told; she’s perfectly fine with me or I’ll slap a bitch —not that I condone violence but I’m just saying, with Ta, don’t chance it…I think she has been warned  petting his Primo-sciousness even as he interrupted her reading of nonfic!!!

The baby kept trying to Talk Sense to him, which didn’t work so well, so I showed her how to break a treat into 4s and oh, he listened then! It made for happy bedfellows. Speaking of which, the youngest’s nickname rhymes with Ace’s nickname and caused me a huge guffaw as I said hers and he Snapped-To! Baby was surprised that I found that astonishing–that the rhyming name threw him off. Well, what can I say? After Bobby Dog Reed, who was less-than-smart, this dog is a Genius…most of the time. Hell, smarter than I am and I don’t lick my own balls. Hang on–

Middle-teen? I saw no interactions. She opted out of luncheon, made herself a PB sandwich and read in a back room. Fine by me. We all need our space.


2 thoughts on “Ace met the nieces

    • They pull snot within earshot and I claim whatever they’re mocking, much to their horror –so far. I don’t mean to be mean but I need them to realise the world doesn’t crumble under their gaze!


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