modern Hillbilly recycling

If you’re going to recycle like a Flatlander –Ozark’s epithet for outsiders keep your cidre or beer in the recycling box with empties.

I was raised drinking room temp or boiled water drinks (tea, coffee) as you didn’t have refrigeration or such. 

While I have a fridge now, I have a hard time drinking cold beverages*, especially iced! It’s freakishly cold and hurts my teeth. Plus, I can guzzle room temp easier, nothing slowing me down. 

* If you’re not American, you may not be aware that virtually every American wants their drinks on ice or at least cold. I’m the only person I know who still prefers room temp. If I do buy a fountain drink, I make it sans ice and guess what? They still chill it! Ice would make it unbearable. By the time it warms up enough to drink the ice melted and watered down the drink.



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