in which Ace brought Sissy a coon


Gone are banner days of 7 turtles since he got all the slow / stupid ones. He can only manage about 2 most days.

Today, however, he killed a raccoon for me. It’s still fresh though it won’t be for long at 38C.


Missouri Raccoons


2 thoughts on “in which Ace brought Sissy a coon

  1. Wow, Ace. I am impressed.
    I don’t mourn coons or possums too much because they eat my chickens.

    Ace is a beast! How is he settling in besides the hunting?


    • Great, finally. He’s much more relaxed but I think will always be a ‘prize barker’–even at me. He’s mouthy!

      We’ve transferred from closed gates to electric (underground) gates. Still have to keep tabs on him, not out of sight for more than 30mins or so.

      He ADORES The Duchess. I think he thinks that she’s a child (given her barely 70-ish lb weight, she kind of is.


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