1000 degrees & Ace is trying to find who’s to blame

Ah, what relief now the humidity level has dipped. -okay, it has dipped but that’s not really relief

Imagine what it’ll feel like when we reach the heat of the day? It has just gone noon!

Ace The Angry, in hyper-vigilance, as ever.



7 thoughts on “1000 degrees & Ace is trying to find who’s to blame

    • He is in almost every way ‘easier’ than Bobby. I LOVE Bobby and always will as my special needs boy. He was a gift on this earth but…he was severely special needs. Ace is a prize barker, which I dislike (time & place, and all) but otherwise, he’s not afraid of storms, let alone rain. He has this ‘problem’ with believing his #1 duty is turtle extermination (branched out to coons now, which is a better option as rancher) but really he’s easy except that he’s so SMART he’ll do the German Shepherd ‘I’ll train YOU’ gig.

      We have had so many inches of rain (which I won’t complain about though my house has been flooded again and again this year–floors are ruined). We haven’t had the damage (storm-winds) that neighbours have. Storms like this do that. They ‘hop.’

      We’ll see. We’re predicted violence Thursday and that’s when Brother, Sis (in town) and I are planning a visit to Johnson’s Shut-Ins. It’s a nice spot to visit but with all this rain (and my inability to swim, let alone in Rapids), I’ll have to be more careful than usual and as always in the Ozarks: mind flash floods when it rains or you die.


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