heading across Kansas soon

I tend to think of the trip from eastern Missouri to Colorado as ‘going across Kansas’ cos it’s a god-awful trip. To be good inter-state, you’d think that nobody could bitch. We can.


The suggestion to ‘stick near cities’ is obviously made by somebody who has never SEEN  Kansas, let alone driven I-70.

Also, by ‘the first half…flat’ is written by somebody who isn’t from the Ozarks. The flatness doesn’t go away til you’ve been IN Colorado for a while. It’s all relative. Put it this way, the longer responses are people who know what they’re talking about (the opposite of me and most people in real life). -HAR!

Anyhoo…I’m basically moving to Colorado but in a sort of feint. This is to see how things go at Sis’ new digs. For one thing, the old place was NOT within walking distance of anything. Sorry. The new place is meant to be a few blocks from a shopping mall (possible places to work or at least not be house-bound without a vehicle). The shopping mall is a bus-stop but not a ‘popular’ one. In other words, it at least is something. It remains to be seen if pedestrians can actually access the mall. This sounds whacky unless you’ve lived in many places in the U.S. We are not known for being bicycle or pedestrian-friendly. In fact, what can take 5-10 minutes by car is often over an hour walk one-way because the roads are setup to keep pedestrians OUT. Anyway, we’ll see. I’m hoping it’s easily accessible.

Another idea is with Sis’ new job, she will be travelling (again) Monday – Friday. She would love for me to basically be her housekeeper and office assistant (handling calls, making appointments, answering business emails) while she’s on the road, which is most of the time. Additionally, sometimes when she travels, it won’t be flights but be going from state-to-state by car. She doesn’t like to let others drive (works for me, I hate to drive) but she gets lonely and both of us in a hotel room costs the same as one of us. So, for long car-trips, I could go.

Goddaughter and her fiancé currently occupy the other bedroom, so yes. Like kids again, we’ll be sharing the same bedroom. However, she’ll be gone most of the time. -there’s a futon, I won’t need to cosy up with her, if that’s what the freaks are thinking

If Goddaughter and fiancé move into a flat together, I could get their room, which is en suite. That’d be awesome but all of this is putting me secondary cos: a) I’m not her child and b) I’m not paying rent. -yet

Obviously, once / if I get a job, I’ll contribute. In my perfect world, I’d love above her like Rhoda.

If all else fails, I go home to live at El Rancho Reedo. I’m just hoping for the best, whatever that is.



8 thoughts on “heading across Kansas soon

  1. Wow, and I still saw your god daughter as a child… A fiancé? My, time flies.

    Good for you, here’s hoping it works out really well for you!


    • He shoved his schnoozle UP my asshole this morning, as I was bent over, picking up shrub clippings. I mean that I had to pull my pants and shorts OUT of my bum. #Acehole


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