‘I’m STILL buck-nekkid’

Sis & I share the master bedroom: she on a king sized bed and I on a futon. It only works cos we actually slept in the same bed sometimes (depending on where we were or who was visiting) as kids.

God-daughter bursts in as I’m alone, after shower, bent over and applying lotion to my calves.


‘I’m NEKKID…’ –singsong

‘I just need to get this paperwork–‘

‘I’m still buck NEKKID…’ -singsong

‘I’m SO SORRY! I’m not looking, I swear.’


She ran out.

I *so* don’t care. My tubby, pasty middle aged self was far scarier to her than her seeing me.



2 thoughts on “‘I’m STILL buck-nekkid’

  1. Doug says:

    I read somewhere that the difference between naked and nekkid is that one means you have no clothes and the other means you are about to cause some trouble.


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