Happy Trails CO15: Stanley Hotel

The Stanley Hotel is famous. So famous that you probably know it, even if you didn’t know the name.

It’s the Stanley!

Honey I'm Home

‘Honey, I’m HOME!’


Stanley historic

It’s historical in other ways, too, but most people don’t give a crap.


imgresWe visited per my request because Goddaughter is planning on getting married there and having her reception. There are several buildings and gardens that make up the Stanley. They have even planted a labyrinth due to years of tourists asking, ‘Where’s the maze?’ -the labyrinth from the film never existed at the Stanley. They had to go someplace else to shoot those scenes but now, they’ll have their own and it’s right, smack-dab in the front courtyard, which seems ridiculous to me but money is money

Part of the foyer. There’s a great deal of memorabilia part-tout. Downstairs, there’s a small café next to the ghost tour reception area.

You can gaze at antiques and a great deal of photos of famous people all over the place. My fave was of Peter Gabriel circa 1994. It was fun seeing him in dorky white sport socks and trainers. He looked happy. Who wouldn’t be in this setting?


3 thoughts on “Happy Trails CO15: Stanley Hotel

  1. *Sniffle* this makes me miss my US trips so much. In general we do have a beautiful world with lots of different things to see, but the imposing nature that you guys have ….


    • Indeed. Watch this space for some more vids and pics from last week. All the stuff shared is just an hour from Sis’ home! I drove an hour in the Ozarks (which are lovely and very, very old mountains…meaning much less astonishingly tall) just to get to the nearest town of 4,000 people (meaning the nearest possible place with a job).


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