Happy Trails CO15: Black Canyon – SILVER!

If you’ve been to the Grand Canyon or Cahors, France, scale back your expectations for Black Canyon of Gunnison River.

I’m not saying that it wasn’t fabulous because natural beauty IS! Especially these awesome sites and I don’t mean my generation’s annihilation cum hyperbolic misuse of that word  –also for calling it an annihilation  It’s astounding when you stand at the rim of a canyon’s cliff and gaze out into the Forever of myriad geological formations, flora and fauna all about you. X marks the spot. It’s a treasure.

Tomichi Point. I don’t know who Tomichi-san was but while we were there, a busload of Japanese tourists showed up and we cleared out since it appeared they were taking back their family claim.

Black Canyon is (I’m told) the second deepest canyon in the US, following the obvious: Grand Canyon. If you’re only going to see one big-arsed canyon in your life, don’t make it Black Canyon. Go Grand. However, if you have wee ones, can’t spend as much money or time? Black Canyon is approachable. I saw a father with 2 very small boys (the smallest toddled nearly off a cliff, missed it by 4 inches). Guess dad’s never seen the Grand Bumbles bounceCanyon? It’s that kind of awesome. He almost let baby boy take a tumble where even the Bumble couldn’t bounce back.

Gunnison Point is next. At both Points, you an park and hike. We walked around a bit but there were too many people to my liking. Recall, as an Hillbilly from the Ozarks, if I see anybody I don’t know or want within well, my sight? It’s too many people. I’m used to frolicking unimpeded by PEOPLE.

SILVER!Speaking of People, I was going to think about maybe or perhaps that I might-could get me some of these-here SILVER flecks. I guess they’re not silver or people would’ve been chipping away at the rock. But wherever you looked, large flakes of this silvery, brilliantly-shining mineral could be found. It looks like white here.

And I saw an Eastern Collared Lizard, which I charmingly quoted from Monty Python as a newt.


There were two males, posturing, which was pretty funny. Sis thought they were begging for food. I was like, ‘He’s saying that he’s gonna kick your ask.’


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