Happy Trails CO15: Pinkerton Hot Springs

This is on your left, as you’re nearing Durango from Silverton. You can’t miss it because it’s BIG  and YELLOW and people are pulling over to get in it. I’d have put it in the last post but that was the post that would never end.

Pinkerton Hot Springs

Pinkerton Hot Springs

It’s not actually hot and it doesn’t reek of sulphur the way a lot of hot springs I know do. While it’s obviously more than one mineral, the blurb said something about sodium. I reckoned calcium but my degree in Chemistry got lost in the post. Everybody who knows me in person gets to hear me proclaim, as often as I can sneak it in: ‘I’m a Scientist.’

Things like, ‘Oooo! I’m going to use oranges in the stock this time instead of lemons because we’re out of lemons and you know, I’m a Scientist.’

It looked like calcium, sodium and lime, to me, with some iron and I’m sure that I’m right. -I mean, hell, those are everywhere, aren’t they?


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