Happy Trails CO15: Treasure Falls

I know that I’ve beaten you guys to death but this was my first chance to get this stuff done and I don’t like the idea of scheduling posts.

IMG_2939Sis was keen to visit Treasure Falls, which is just outside of a small ski village where she said some celebrities live. I just do not care but I’ll say that it’s nice compared to Vail or the other ‘posh’ areas. It’s a quaint town. It’s a wee bit touristy (even for August, hence off-season) but this is a beautiful area and everything is close to the next fantastic site to stop at if you’re driving along the highway.

There were a lot of cars (a rather large pull-out area for most pull-out areas you see) but I didn’t see a lot of people. This usually means HIKING and it does. I first tried going up the right side, which had warnings around steep grades and wet, slippery surfaces. I reckoned that I’d try a little. I got farther than I normally would go (due to VERY steep grade and my fear of heights — I can go up but the going down would be hairy as hell) on adrenaline alone. I finally had to turn back, defeated.

The only people trying this way were 2 teenaged boys. I think you will agree with me that your average teenaged boy is Stoopid. I’m fairly stoopid for following them but I did have the sense to give up.

When I got to the bottom, it was beautiful and everything but I was disappointed. Then, I saw some people coming down from a hidden path (to us) on the left of the falls. I told Sis that I just wanted to take a look and was gone for the next hour. By the time I’d gotten so far, I couldn’t turn back or I’d never get to come back that way, so I climbed on. The path was dry (mostly) but steep in some areas and I took the Ozarks Mountaineer walk (wide-legged walking, in a bit of a squat) for balance when it was a higher grade. I noticed kids climbed around but people my age all had walking poles for balance. Those things look ridiculous but for once, I wouldn’t have minded an aid. I’m used to being near trees in case of slipping but they have the trail wide enough that there’s nothing to break your fall til you’re done falling. It’s not treacherous. I’m just old.



I stopped a couple of times to look around but you couldn’t look around well on the trail. It was enclosed by trees, so you couldn’t see out or down (mostly), which to be honest, was a plus for my phobia.

At the top, there’s not a good view of below or out too far, either, which is a bit of a drag. Oh, before the very top, there’s a little lookout bridge, which is nice to look down at the water on both sides but it only goes down a bit before brush blocks the view.

At the top, a little girl was telling her family that the well of water (where it hits first before tumbling down with more force) was knee-deep. Bear in mind, she was grammar school age. It was nice and cool at the top with that spring-fed water!


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