I’m not done complaining

1st let me give Praise and Pass Shredded Parmesan to our Lord and Saviour FSM.

stolen fair n square from Dr. Google

It’s a whole story and thumb typing ain’t gonna cut it but my COMPLAINT is this:

Now let me hop in and thank His Noodly Appendages for providing the air temperature; however, the relative humidity is 86% with a dew point of 58.

I’m not sure if YOU know what that means, Science-y-like but I do.

Everybody who lives HERE keeps saying, ‘Woo doggies! You shore is lucky to have come back when there’s no humidity.’

‘Linda, honey, look it…you aren’t listening.’


I am thankful that the temp is down. –my lupus-lack of body temp regulating

However, it’s still as Sheila says: Breathing under water.

I’ve spent 6 weeks where anything above 30% is ‘muggy.’ 

86 with dew point of 58 ain’t cutting it for me right now. 

I’ll leave the Tale of She Who Shouldn’t Drive Herself To The Airport for another time. –should be in bed as I have a job interview tmrw AM


3 thoughts on “I’m not done complaining

    • Thanks! I have another potential! Got an email to call a place that was EvilCo’s competitor but I think now are bigger. Downside is my supervisor would be somebody who hates me (small town troubles, imagines her husband wants to run away with me). I’ll give them a ring, anyhow.

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