Short Post, no…actual Post!

The last blog post was me going on about parking. I know. It also mentioned the Prison.

This is just to say, for those who couldn’t be bothered to read that complaint or its predecessor the humidity complaint or the VERY LONG, especially video-driven (shot by me, bitches) posts of holiday spots… I’m home. Ace (who was new to us, remember?) feels more comfortable here than I do, which is a good thing for him.

I had an amazing pile of post, though! I haven’t unpacked my bags yet (mostly, not completely) but I delved into the post after arriving in late and then some more yesterday evening.

Jacaranda-land AKA Herterton:

HORSIES in the Oceanses!

Hamburg from a non-Hamburger:

Many thanks to the postcard-senders: AussieEmJay, Alexandra and GOF! I know GOF’s extremely limited for online access, especially in winter but I hope if he’s on free wifi someplace, that he can look at some of those videos. They are not the best videos ever recorded but even without the perspective of having been there to recall how things really looked, I still think they’re pretty amazing. Photos of grandeur never quite make it up to snuff.


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