pointy-eared vegetarian dog

Ace has been at El Rancho Reedo for 12 weeks, 6 of which I was gone but even before I left, veg was coming in from the garden.

While that means I missed several types of produce, I saw him eat a lot of cucumber and beets, cabbage and green beans (raw)..

He apparently loves tomatoes (we know to not give him onions and I had a beagle who loved tomatoes, too) and CORN. He refuses okra, which I love, but it itches when you cut it, so I think there might be something he realises should be avoided.

Since corn is the 1st ingredient in most commercial dog food, I’m not going to say it’s GOOD for him but they eat it in processes form…

‘What? It’s TASTY!’



4 thoughts on “pointy-eared vegetarian dog

  1. I’ve never heard of a dog who likes tomatoes 😄 my grandma always said, if you eat something odd, that’s because your body needs it 😂😂 I used to eat rolled oats like candy 😝 don’t know though if dogs works the same way 😜 lol!


    • OldHelenGehrleinTheNeighbour who was like a granny to us said the same! Poor Ace is a very odd dog! I wonder if his daddy wasn’t vegetarian? 1st 5 years eating like that may have got him going. He didn’t even know how to walk in high (wild) grass 12 weeks ago! Should’ve seen him with his 1st bone… ‘What the heck is THIS thing?!?’ Now, he loves them. I gave him chicken the other night and he to tell him to bite it. He just kept licking it.

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    • Yup we made it past the foster stage. TECHNICALLY he’s my elderly toddlers’ dog and I trained him for them before heading to CO. He was trained in a sense but different things like staying where we need him, exercising him TONS at the beginning, which is part of ‘knowing who’s boss’ and getting him to not jump, tug or whatever with the old folk.

      Now, he *should* be settled and he’s much less care than Bobby, who was special needs. If I move, he stays. If they die, I’ll carry over care.


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