Stay out of others’ rubbish

The Duchess saw a box in my dining room and thought it was unseemly. Some men were coming to do estimates on some repair work so she helped by pitching it in the garbage. Who would leave a large boot box just sitting out?


Those were my brand new Tevas that arrived the night before I left for 6 weeks in Colorado.

Gone forever.

If I’d put them in HER dining room, okay. She fucking trashed my TEVAS!!!

Do you know how pricey long Tevas are? I don’t care that I paid clearance, they were one of scores of boots I’ve tried and can COMFORTABLY WEAR.

I’d say that I couldn’t believe it but I do. The Duchess is incensed that I’d be so slovenly, so she made sure things were tidy.

In my home. 

Erm, yes. I told her to a) stay out of my rubbish (this is an ongoing battle as she also will pick things OUT and b) if anything is placed oddly, it’s for a Reason.

I know that she will not honour these things but she picked up that I was about nuts over it and offered to replace them. As they were on clearance 8 weeks ago, I don’t know if that’s possible.


7 thoughts on “Stay out of others’ rubbish

    • I just looked. Instead of my awesome 60USD, they are still available for 107USD in my size. That’s the problem with seasons, closeouts, etc. I do NOT believe she’ll pay over $100 for a pair of boots that she considers my fault for not ‘putting away.’ There were extenuating circumstances, which don’t even matter in reality but she put them into the rubbish.

      I mean, there are worse things going on in the world today but for somebody on unemployment still, who searched 2 years of boot shopping and found the perfect (waterproof, looked like a fashion boot, worked with my lupus-swolled feet & bunion) boot? Fuck me.


    • She said that she’d give me $100 towards it. There were 4 left in stock, so I went ahead ONLY because it’s really hard to get boots that won’t hurt my feet.


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