that toxic waste spill I yammered on about…

For those who missed it, you can go to this page: it’s a) Science Friday, my absolute favourite radio show, covering it one week on; which happened to be after I’d left this specific area I talked about earlier.

Anyhoozles, there are buttons to push on that page to listen to the show.

As a bonus to the hippies out there who know this, the part where they talk about how back in the 1970s, mines began protective procedures before shutting down and continued after. That was due to the Clean Water Act, which — as many other government-issued laws that were put in place to make our country livable to people who may like to live here — has been eroded due to the Fascist Right Wing who would rather decry responsibility (it’s not about saving the whales, you detritus, it’s about YOUR CHILDREN’S LIVES) and close down JOBS (it’s got to be done by somebody), calling it States’ Rights or whatever argument draws emotional, hateful reactions by the ignorant.

I like being able to breathe, drink water and grow crops but what does an Hillbilly know?



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