boots are back

…eplacements for the ones Dutch was offended / embarrassed by my poor housekeeping and sent to the rubbish (posted the other day).

I prefer my beloved black suede but since they a) don’t hurt my gimpy feet b) are waterproof and c) were still on clearance (I originally paid a fraction of this but these were still less than 50% at 107USD)? I’ll take brown / sage. And yes, Dutch paid to replace them, ‘I don’t want to talk about it again.’

That was NEXT DAY shipping, which is astonishing for El Rancho Reedo. They must have a warehouse within an hour of here. We have an UPS facility 11 miles (~45″ drive direct) as the crow flies, so if the storage is close, the last stop is VERY close.



2 thoughts on “boots are back

    • I’m completely stunned that she offered to replace them. I think that she must be weighing how long I was gone compared to how long I COULD be…


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