less than 6 weeks of shopping left for the Princess of all Princesses…

And that makes 14 weeks for Baby Bejeebers.’

But MORE IMPORTANTLY my birthday is coming up and it’s way more celebrated. Well, I get more drunk on my bday than on Baby Bejeebers’ but in fairness, I get fairly drunk more regularly during the Christunnukah season. For those playing the home-game, Chanukah is ‘early’ this year but not so early as to be Thanksgivukkah.

Oh, shit! I forgot to blog: It’s Ace’s Birthday today (observed).

Happy Bone-day!



4 thoughts on “less than 6 weeks of shopping left for the Princess of all Princesses…

  1. Happy Birthday Ace! Charlie got a meatloaf cake with mashed potato frosting an mixed veg as decorations. He has a lot of bones on hand but this looks like a SPECIAL bone!


    • It’s hard to find the bigger ones and he was SO interested at PetCo, so I went ahead and got it for him. You recall we had SCORES of dogs (maybe hundreds, over the years) that we boarded and trained? Bones are the best way for a dog to clean his teeth — now, you have to be picky with which bones or there’s a hazard that could kill them! So, it’s good for them in the right way.


  2. He seems inordinately pleased. I imagine you curled up similarly around a whiskey bottle.

    My dogs are obsessed with elk antlers. I get them from this old farmer who scavenges them out of his fields after they shed.


    • I was going to give Bobby an 8 point buck rack (side-o-rack?) Spike got in the woods but ya know. Dead. I saw them yesterday and might give them to Ace. He’ll be busy for a while with this bovine femur.

      Do they gobble them up quickly or sort of last? I’m thinking it won’t last long…


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