when you fail to look at expiration dates…

You succeed at expiring.

Naw, I bought this last Friday. It’s only 5 months past its expiration date. Now wonder it seemed bloated (the carton) and is separated and foamy.

I’m drinking it coz Hillbilly.

I ain’t askert. Builds character.



5 thoughts on “when you fail to look at expiration dates…

  1. Braver than me. Also, with the weird US/UK date differences, it only looks a month out of date to me. Still would’ve binned it as this soft, city-boy couldn’t handle the digestive backlash. Hope you’re still alive?


    • Yup. I mentioned the weird dating in a comment to Laurie but couldn’t be bothered in the post. It’s odd coz the military uses day/ month/ year (or used to do) and I was raised writing it that way from family die to military on 1 side and The Duchess’ Canadienne-ish upbringing. I prefer times as 17h still, too. You pull that on most Americans, they’re like ‘there no 28th month’ or ‘there’s only 12 hours…’

      ::arches eyebrow::

      Shit-you, not.

      Brother (whilst we were co-drunk over phone yesterday asked the time and I said ‘fifteen-seven.’

      No confusion–just keep it amongst the Hillbillies or Europeans, apparently. Amusing that what makes us odd here makes most odd EVERYWHERE ELSE. Ugh.

      Course, I’m still odd & I think only a hill cat would down that soya. I did, just looked and tasted a little off. Mum calls it ‘blinky’ when something is a touch off. I love that term but think it’s proprietary.

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