The Road to El Rancho Reedo

Is paved with gold! -well, it cost a lot

Well, after a hard spring and violent summer, the road was virtually impassable to anybody but Ozarkers-born.

Even Brother was having a hard time clambering over the deep gouges (about 1 foot deep) that criss-crossed as they went down.

Now, this bit is a flat and straight part anyway but it was also hard-going. The sportwagon had no problems but that’s because meself.

Normally, the road is services by Spike and me and explains part of the problem…

But mostly we needed chat. –antiquated mining term from when my family moved to the U.S. / Ozarks from Ireland. It’s basically white, toxic cast-off that’s unusable by the mining companies, so locals use it for building roads and yes, toxic. What’s better? We pay for it!

After 3 dump truck loads of chat…

and a local man using his Bobcat for 5 hours, it’s like a fecking highway, I tell ya!


2 thoughts on “The Road to El Rancho Reedo

  1. Cindy says:

    Yeah we are skipping the toxic remains and getting estimates on paving with one extra car spot. We have a very narrow driveway and Adam comes in and goes out before me.


    • Our road is a must-have and it’s I’d think, too much to be paved. Also, being rocks makes it easier in winter if we don’t have a bunch of snow/ice. Anything on asphalt would be bad and then you have to redo that all the time. You can’t seen neighbours here, although there are some 700 homes across the 3 valleys now (used to be SEVEN my 1st 20+ years on the planet!). So, it’s a bit of a task, either way.

      BUT this looks so nice now and it’s done very, very well. It hasn’t been this nice in years.


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