season’s change: circle of life within 10 feet

-when the season changes, you see ‘movement’ of animals as well as flora

Ace was barking his fool head off, which is usually nothing. He likes to bark. He barks at me. He barks at everybody and everything.

He was went to a higher pitched sort of panic and I went out. I thought that the men who were coming to chop up the big oak Spike and I fell the other day had shown up.

I head out of my patio door and step on a cockroach. Then, as I see a coiled fox snake within the door-swing area but I hear a scooching noise behind and whip around to see a toad in Ace’s food pan. -it’s a bread pan, we recycle, yo


Instead of doing what I should’ve (grab the snake first), I had my phone, so I took a picture of the toad.

Then I turned around and the snake had gone behind the drain-pipe. I tried to get him out but he went into the hole at the bottom. They’re fast bastards, particularly on concrete. Now I have a snake 2 feet from my door, which has gaps all around. This is how y’uns’ll recall -the 3 regular readers that I ended up with a black snake in my kitchen.


 -background’s a dustpan


4 thoughts on “season’s change: circle of life within 10 feet

  1. I have not seen any critters like this but we have a groundhog and a TON of spiders!! I have come to appreciate the spiders though, because they earn their keep! Guess what we don’t have? Other bugs!! I even saw one snag a big fat ant! Perfect! I have had one fly since July 17th!! As long as they keep to themselves, I appreciate them!


    • Yeah, spiders are your friend, so long as you don’t develop an allergy. Growing up in the woods, I got bitten so many times that I am now grievously allergic (ER trip). I don’t keep an epi pen coz the dr says I belong in hospital, no fooling about!

      That took 30 years of frequent bites to develop in my case…but it can happen. I’m also allergic to mosquitoes and wasps now.


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