home fuckage, part 3

Bath:  Door grate cos we ain’t a-stoppin’ the water from coming in from the yard (we’re on top of the valley, imagine if we were LOWER.


  Bonus materials left on stove (which is obviously not in use): They said we couldn’t put in the flooring for ONE MONTH. We have workers (Brother and a cousin’s 2 grown boys and ME) coming Tuesday at 8AM.

‘Well, I can’t tell you that it’s okay but it should be okay’ was the foreman’s answer when pressed. Tuesday, if all goes well, I’ll have a toilet (well, the whole bathroom accoutrements) with running water, thank you very much! I may have flooring and laundry installed. It depends on re-putting-in the bathroom (trips to a hardware store is something doesn’t work right or is broken whilst installing means a minimum 2.5 hour trip. If that goes well, the floor is another thing and laundry yet another, though that wouldn’t be a problem except for during the Fuckage, we discovered the plumbing to the laundry was 99% falling apart. As in, ‘do NOT touch ANYTHING.’ So, it has to be done before washer hookup and who needs a fecking dryer when you can’t wash? If I’m VERY lucky, it’ll all get installed but I’m holding out for bathroom, floor and whatever else, if possible by end of Tuesday next.


3 thoughts on “home fuckage, part 3

    • Brother said as much (he’s a very handy guy) but this is sub-flooring, which will have flooring put over, then major appliances, etc.

      I don’t know WHY because I evacuated due to my lung damage (concrete dust=bad) but when I thought about why ever it could be, I came up with: this shite’s WET, ergo mould?


    • Plus, it’s got drain pipes in it, so maybe pressure that a concrete slab outdoors would never have worry over it cracking under / inside?


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