Brasso: they still make it!

Fine Canadian product or was, as stated on my tin. 

Yes. Tin.

You can still buy it, which seems practically hard to believe as a lot of products I grew up using either failed as companies or–in the case of cleansers, wood preservers, etc.– were found unsuitable for consumer use. -read: people are too stupid to use properly OR used for the wrong purpose (huffing). My fav art markers were made illegal in 1990 when the Gov figured out people were using them more for a buzz and less for des Arts

Today’s Brasso comes in a plastic squeezy bottle.



4 thoughts on “Brasso: they still make it!

  1. Nah. You can still get Brasso in the metal container. Mostly, though, those are sold on military bases, where so much Brasso gets used. Gotta polish up them buttons and buttons!


  2. I hadn’t seen Brasso in decades till you posted this (since I was married to a military officer). Then the next day I went to the hardware store near work (which has been in place since 1924 and while they were getting what I wanted from the back, turned idly and looked at a lower shelf and there was the exact bottle that you posted the day before.

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    • Fun! Yeah, that tin has to be from the ’70s or earlier. For one thing, we have / had virtually now brass. I DO recall having to polish one brass lamp.

      We have shed loads of copper and more than I’d like of silver. That’s all Dutch’s crap. While I secretly like copper, I have a quirk of avoiding Duchessnesses.

      Funny how you saw it! I should go do a photo retrospective of tools we used as kids that have survived. Many were VERY old and we broke them. You probably recall we used beasts of burden with farming equipment from the 1800’s. It’s INSANE to think that not only was that what we had to use but it was NOT considered odd in the Ozarks of my childhood.


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