home fuckage, part 6

This may be an awkward doldrum, whereabouts act ii.

As of last night, I have a toilet. That made a full 11 days without. Now that Acey’a acclimated to seeing me use the garden as toilet, he may get confused again. Oh, what larks!

My house is less of a shambles. There’s broken bits here and there and actually an easy 2 full days hard multi-person labour (part of which will involve losing the toilet again).

But still. 

Now, for twitterers or those who view the sidebar (if you read via email, you don’t see other content, if you view AT Twitter, you only get a title and ONE photo (with a link directing to blog post-proper).

Easy, right? Erm…

ANYWAY the day before I had 3 Clansmen here for demolition (I had moved belongings out previously), I was so sick, I went to doctor. Thought I had strep but it was BOTH ears infected and obviously sinuses and throat but the ears were causing the most pain. I was given a 10 day course of antibiotics to use on top of the pseudo ephedrine and RX sinus spray (supposed to use all the time but only ever do if I’m ill). Now, to be that sick, I had been feeling badly for some time…

Sidenote: Brother is quite handy–if noticeably imperfect, which is exponentially better than I could or would ever do. The post recently stating ‘plumber’s here’ was my joke as it’s Brother.

After demolition, it was mould-removal and concrete dust (lime, which eats flesh) once the jackhammerers were done.

THIS being sick as a dog.

Did pretty well, considering. I mean the work but I’m an Ozarker who grew up on a working ranch, which means you don’t get to stop.

So…finished the antibiotics, which had helped but I rapidly started feeling very badly. It was a different yet similar badly. Didn’t sleep Wednesday night, which I blamed on why I felt even more badly but Thursday was plumbing day!!!

I was cranky, pained and also sort of an idiot. -for the new readers, more of an idiot

The Duchess popped in to generally cast disdain on my work and praise Brother. This is normal but I was sass-talking! Dutch looks at me and says, ‘You’re always pale but you are white. You should call your doctor.’

My response was an emotional (for me) tirade about not needing any more DIRECTION or OPINIONS and if everybody could CALM THE FUCK DOWN til I had a toilet and / or after my interview Friday morning, amidst THIS, I’d appreciate it.

-sometimes you’re the mule, others the cart

It was about 7/8 through the tirade that I reckoned I don’t normally queen out like that, least of all with The Duchess, who by and large doesn’t give a shit.

I grabbed my phone to leave a ramble on the nurse’s vmail (many docs today don’t have an option to speak to a person–at all).

They came back that I was to come for a 13h appointment.  Or what I grumbled at Dutch ‘opportunity to give them more money.’

Off I went and made such good time (seriously, I got NO red lights the entire 40mi in!!!), that I was there 30mins early. I’m not going to say it was THEM but I was told my time was 13:45. I mentioned this misunderstanding. –nicely, promise! You do not piss off the people who can get you to the doc The check in staff leaned over and whispered, ‘You’re probably right.’

And as evidenced by me not getting in to see doc til after 14h (quick look, though) AND by the fact the lady who was directly in front of me in the check in queue? We walked out together, too. Her turnaround time was the same as mine. This is a GP group. I have been there before but this was the worst wait. It is flu season, though. Some woman in waiting was lying on the sofa asleep! I think that may be more evidence…

Anyhoozles, if not a twitterer or skimmer of the stream on blog-proper: Doc said, ‘Your eardrum looks like a balloon ready to burst! Take a zpak (different antibiotic) and steroids. If this doesn’t kick it, your next stop is an Ear, Nose & Throat Specialist.

Which would be an opportunity to pay more at a higher rate. Hope this works!

The insult to insult -see what I did? Was my regular pharmacy didn’t have them ready, normally would. Worse? Acted like I was talking out of my arse. Now. This pharmacist is new to me. I don’t know what the shake up was but all the techs are the same and all pharms are different. I sass-talked him!

Seriously, you don’t want to fuck with the person who went to school 8 years to sling you the meds you need but I have been through the wringer and not just that day and not just with this lingering pain and shite but the house, no toilet for 11 days (no running water, so all that entails when you live an 80mi RT from the decking doctor).

I think he just thought I was another asshole. -right about that but I’m usually good at fooling people, Midwest Training

The tech knows me, though and she steered clear, which I almost get (new boss) but I think over the next TWO HOURS she broached the topic because when I’d come up every 30 mins or so, he always said something like it’s my job to interact with my doctor. (!) 

Which, btw, upon them saying it wasn’t there and knowing the doc emailed it while I was watching her, seemed like a hiccough had occurred in the interwebs…or she forgot to press SEND. Whatever. I rang up the vmail line and let them know the trouble and at that time told Always a Pharmacist and Never a Physician that I had done. He probably heard me do it.

Anyway, as I said drawing near the end of my wait, Tracy must’ve said something because he came out from behind and sat with me (where I may have been looking like he needed to dial an ambulance) and chatted about how badly he felt that I had to wait and asked if I knew what they were for (which I recited the far above generic RX–not knowing drug names or dosages). I whined the balloon story and that may have won him back after his dickery drawring my bitchery.

‘Oh, no!!! I had ear infections throughout childhood. So painful. I hate to say, it’s at the end of doc hours and if they don’t send it NOW, it’s not going to come today.’

To which, I thought about weeping but tweeted instead.

I sat there a few more minutes JUST KNOWING if I didn’t, they’d bloody well do it the last second.

Then, I was done. I got up and started the way to the counter to let them know that I was leaving when I hear pharm cry, ‘ma’am!’ He was behind the wall of magical drugs, so I couldn’t see him from the counter but he jogged around and said they just got it as a call-order, that the doc office computers has gone offline and when they ever came up, it would come through in writing. They apologised to him.

Felt a bit like I deserved one but that girl who called was just front office and this was now after hours. Guess they made her stay without pay (the American Way) to fix all the RX fails.

I had to wait but I got them after giving up! I didn’t sleep last night from the pain again. Surely hope I do tonight. Might try a nap later but will probably just knock back whiskey. -for medicinal purposes, only. –regular readers know that’s a crock


2 thoughts on “home fuckage, part 6

  1. Oh no no no no no.
    The z pac HAS to help. Oh, this is just horrible.
    PLEASE get well, and get a toilet and running water.
    For the love of fish!!!!!!!!


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