how very of me

-part of removing all your belongings is when you put things back, you see things 

This was  ‘1/2 day’ (we’d knock off midday to go to the office Xmas Party but I always brought to work: booze, frivolity and a big smile–passing them out to coworkers throughout the morning. After that, the hooligans would go to a titty bar.

As a bonus for close-lookers, the reflection shows my tshirt, as I take this, with a pent. -HAR! Believing in everything with a solid foundation in Science saves bother.

Anyhoozles, I was aged 35 here. That’s about the last good year at that company. The next year, they made 100 humans redundant for Thanksgiving (good timing: long weekend meaning less chance of violent retribution) and then a month later, once the Xmas productions had shipped, they made another 50 humans redundant for Xmas break (again, handy timing).

We still partied but it was never the same. My 20 weeks’ unemployment is over this week. Paid in for 29 years, only drawing this year. Hard times aren’t so new to the Ozarks.

Good times aren’t either! Just as mammy always said:

We didn’t have anything, so we made our own fun.


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