#recommended: one quote sums up why I love #BluntTalk

I’m not the first to lay laurels at the feet of critics but as I’m THOROUGHLY enjoying Blunt Talk, which I reckoned that I would when I saw Richard Lewis interviewed prior to its airing and loaded these up to watch after a couple shows had ended (ie: Extant, which I enjoy on a certain level but in retrospect after 2 series, can say is a waste of my time compared to the enjoyment I get out of something such as BT; this is not to saw Extant isn’t fine and may possibly intrigue somebody else more but honestly? I don’t think it’s the same quality writing and performance but there’s me).

Speaking of ‘there’s me,’ here’s the quote I just spotted and it blew my mind:

Brian Moylan of The Guardian states in his review, ‘Blunt Talk is an odd bird. It’s sort of like if The Newsroom and Veep had a love child and it was raised by Nanny McPhee in the Royal Shakespeare Company. It takes a close look at cable news and the personalities and celebrity involved, but it’s essentially about one man who is trying to change himself and do the right thing, but is incredibly bad at it. A crew as colorfully inept as Selina Meyer’s also surrounds him, but they don’t have the stinging bile of Veep’s crew.’

I’m a rabid Veep fan. And what’s amusing about that (to me) is that I’m not a comedy-watcher but here’s 2 that I love. Maybe I’m not an insipid comedy watcher but give me something of quality and things change.

They are different beasts, mind you, but the quality is there. Oh, yeah. The excellent Brent Spiner plays a recurring bit part as piano player, Phil.


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