Vegetarian canine chronicles continue, turnips

Acey loves all veg and fruit proferred and he’ll also go pick his own! He’s not wasteful or playful with it. He gets one at a time and eats it.

The only thing he has not cared for is salad greens but obviously if something’s on them or like I cook spinach with EVOO and lemonjiuce, he’s all over it.

This is an example of us eating raw turnips together. As stated (in silly voice), I learnt that I needn’t pick turnips for him and for me. He likes the root end and skins!


6 thoughts on “Vegetarian canine chronicles continue, turnips

  1. So, I love how Ace was a “trial”…just like I can walk into the local shelter and NOT buy 5 animals!! LMAO!! I love how you have gotten accustomed to life with each other!


  2. I love hearing dogs eat crunchy things.
    I haven’t offered Charlie turnips but he’d probably love them because he is a Beagle and tries to eat anything that doesn’t eat him first! Haha!


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