when the key to your heart is from a Spam tin, guard it safely

Found this, dust-covered, inside an ancient cup from Ballaghaderreen. –say that 3 times, quickly

I’m all: what is in this? 


::wipes off dust::

::shakes head::

That’s not my handwriting. But it is the key to a tin of Spam marked ‘LR Key.’ –for the children who now have children, Spam and other fine potted meats used to come with this ‘key,’ which you put a tab into the groove at the end and ‘rolled open’ the metal lid 

Who could argue with that?


4 thoughts on “when the key to your heart is from a Spam tin, guard it safely

  1. When we were little that’s what my Nana told us was “A Key to wind up the moon”. If we (me and my brother) were visiting and it got dark and the moon came out. She’d take us to look at the moon, give us the key and we’d have to point it at the moon and turn it to wind the moon up. A bit like winding a clock. I have no idea where she got that from, but I’ve always thought of those as ‘A key to wind up the moon’.

    I’ve also just realised whilst writing that. That I used the phrase “The moon came out”. The moon never rose. The moon had always come out as in “Look, the moon’s come out”. I wonder where that usage came from.


    • That’s a fantastic memory, thanks for sharing it with me! I think my mammy was usually stoned by nightfall but I can say my great-baba (Jew-side, not Irish) said when a ray of sun broke through clouds and hit the earth (you see fair often here): ‘G-d’s drawing water.’ I didn’t know why He needed to draw water (like I had to). Seemed like he’d have an angel for that but it sort of made Him seem more approachable, which perhaps was the point of both babas: making a connection between child and that which is greater and older.


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