frying, frying… Turnips, sausages & more

 These are the salsiccias I got from G & W Sausage. –recommended in the highest, you walk in at 11h and are greeted by, ‘Wanna beer?’
Now, I realise G & W is a German sausagery but they have other stuff and since I know and love salsiccia, I wanted to try theirs. It’s Good. I preferred their Bavarian (don’t know how many kinds are on offer but this stuff is made in house yo) sausages. I wouldn’t ‘not’ buy the Italian links, though.

I diced some turnips and pan-fried them (caramelised) and then added cauliflower and various mixed veg that was pre-cooked, keeping the heat high to scorch them a little.

I added garlic, salt & pepper (nothing fancy as I wanted the flavour to be from the sausages) and dumped about 200cc of chicken stock to loosen the caramelisation & reduce heat. I brought that to simmer whilst the sausages got browned on either side and then added water to the sausages to boil to cook-through.

When they were done, I let them rest a bit and sliced into coins and added it all, turning over a few times (the stock will have reduced by this point).  
 Most wouldn’t want their veg all olive drab but in the Ozarks we like our food fried and boiled to death.

It’s pretty damned good. 


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