(warning, graphic photo) as much fun as a ‘bucket of dead baby bunnies’ TM

Ace: not to be shown-up by early bday present gifters…

For delicate Flatlanders, I left the poor photo quality as-is.

After showing Acey my new Star Trek billfold, he left me these. Guess who gets to do the washing up after the party?


4 thoughts on “(warning, graphic photo) as much fun as a ‘bucket of dead baby bunnies’ TM

  1. Gah! Dogs! And cats! I’ll never forget the day I came home from work to find the rest of my family in the backyard. My 10 year old daughter was holding two baby rabbits and screaming at three of our dogs and cats who were each running around with a baby rabbit hanging out of their mouths. Mayhem!


    • These were dead — luckily. Too often have I had to dispatch critters but what a surprise! Ace typically gets Terrapins (by the score) and that on coon. This was quite the coffre. Every dog I’ve ever known would’ve eaten them, save my one sweet boy, G. He’d have eaten the guts but saved the heads for me. Oh, G…


    • Right. I’ve never seen a dog not EAT a baby bunny! One of mine, 3 dogs ago, was a Provider. He’d kill and eat but leave me a PIECE, usually where I park my car, so I’d see it as soon as I got home. His main fare was deer, so there’s be a hindquarters, which is have loved to eat but it had been lying in the sun who knows how long and was ya know, bug-riddled.


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