‘I am a Scientist’ – you dirty, drunken hippie

Anybody around me long enough will hear the self-proclamation of being a scientist but it’s usually meant when I come up with some bullshit that ought to be true but sometimes it’s because I try something and am reporting my findings.

Let’s be clear: that’s not what a scientist does, try something and report their opinion as fact.

It’s why it’s funny when I claim to be a scientist. It’s theHilarity!


You may have heard of dirty chai (chai with a shot of espresso) and you may have heard it called different things, one of which I’ve heard is a Dirty Hippie. That was particularly funny as it was from an art house-coffeehouse where I got it.

As I’m baking, I needed to drink alcohol –like Incredible People of the 70s-80s, ‘don’t try this at home’ and I’d already made a dirty chai.

Enter The Whiskey.

Lily’s A Dirty Drunken Hippie

2 oz Jameson

1 shot espresso 

1 C chai (I used tea bags and heated ~2 oz unsweetened soya


Don’t let me know if you don’t like it.


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