sweet scene: #adultliteracy 1st book

The gent on the left just finished his  1st book. His teacher cheered and told him to pick another (we’re in a library, if you can’t tell by the books). 

He came back and started reading.




2 thoughts on “sweet scene: #adultliteracy 1st book

    • I heard him struggling for a few minutes and when she started cheering and said that was his 1st done? Too sweet. Really amazing and I don’t know if you can tell but he’s no spring chicken. He can’t be doing this for anything but himself (meaning not for a job) or to encourage his grandkids. BTW, there was a toddler who started pulling a display down (not his) and he, like a gentle bear, said, ‘What are you doing? You put that back.’ Now, the words don’t sound gentle but the TONE was like joking. She didn’t put it back but grinned at him and toddled off. It was NOT his family but that gave me the thought of the grandkid encouragement.


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