cake update

Bit disappointing. I didn’t take a pic of the bottom (top in pan) but it didn’t brown or show where bubbles had popped as it baked, which spooked me!

It came out okay but didn’t brown on top (bottom in pan) like the other side and therefore just looks spongey, which I suppose is fine…

The pineapples and cherries look less beautiful since they didn’t caramelise. I wonder if I should’ve baked it higher? I mean, I don’t want to BURN it but the inside is 100% done (totally clean toothpick test).

Ah, well. I’m sure it’ll taste fine.



6 thoughts on “cake update

    • That’s a good idea…I think the issue is chemistry of gluten free being well, chemically different. Had an idea next time (said I wouldn’t try again but it’s a challenge) putting brown sugar with the greased pan before adding pineapple/ cherry/ batter? Sugar makes caramel, so…?


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