tanned in November!

Firstly, my family and friends think it’s RAD that I have been tanned this year, which is most certainly due to being jobless.

Now, unless you’ve known me, you’d think as a lady of luxury, I recline on the chaise-longue all the time, drinking Mimosas.

Pretty close but as a natural-born redhead, I’ve had heat stroke and sunstroke so many times, I can’t count. People learn that with lupus, as well, that goes exponential.

Where was I?


Nope. I spend probably more time in the sun than some because we live in a ranch and while it is retired, there’s always cause to be outdoors. It’s easy; one opens a door and goes out, not to be seen or see anybody else. It’s grand!

When I was in Colorado, I spent much less time outdoors and I even tried to get out (in the salt water pool for one, which greatly tanned me at about 2 hours a week but also walking about the development, which honestly wasn’t fun as there’s vehicles breezing by and you know, people everywhere.

I’m more of a hermit than I’d realised.


When I was out, it was SUNNY usually there (Greater Denver area) and when I came back, well, it was more outsidey stuff!

Yesterday, 1 November, I did my programme’s* scheduled workout, which was short and anaerobic. I felt great cos I’d actually slept, so I decided to go for a jog.

I have ‘baby-jogged’ since aged 11 or 12. It started when Brother came home on leave and needed a buddy.

He had to wear a weighted belt and ankle and wrist weights to slow himself down but we did it! When he left, I liked the feeling of accomplishment and continued–but not as regularly until age 18, when I probably jogged 3 miles, 2-6 days a week. When I was in my 6 days ‘form,’ I’d joke, ‘God took a day off, so can I.’

Again, this wasn’t to lose weight. Shucks! I lost lots of (inches/sizes at least) on the ‘food is expensive when you’re paying your own way through school’ diet. When I got out of university, I gained 30lb on a 5’2″ frame. Granted, too much too soon but that was making money enough to pay for groceries AND loans. Woooohooo!

-are the new readers gone yet?

Remember the tan? I was telling you all about my tan.

I don’t really tan–not for my whole life except sort of the year I turned 9.

That was more like a vast increase of freckles, to be honest but it did provide a golden glow.

My theory on why this year is different from all other years is that I’m healthier.

I’m fairly fat still (really packed on some layers over the last couple of years) but without working, even if I don’t sleep well still, my body is under the least amount of stress it has probably ever known.

Auto-immune disease likey!

Remember the jog on 1 November? It had been frost in the mornings and cool in the afternoons–which I like–but yesterday, it was BEAUTIFUL! I jogged around the flattest part of the ranch (which I’m told equates to moderate hills), in the blazing sun, for one hour in bike shorts and a jog bra.

Colour me happy!

It was red yesterday but it’s golden today!

Don’t tell me you can’t see it. I’m telling you, this is like an advert for Bain de Soleil! –if you’ve been alive for 40-some-odd years and never tanned


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