young MT: 20yo

Opened a drawer of my neglected desk and saw an old folder.

There’s me! There’s also a funny one from the same afternoon (we were standing in the green in front of the Student Union) with that lace blouse tied about my head. -was rather known for tying my hair up with a blouse instead of a kerchief and walking about in a brassière…in public OBVI


7 thoughts on “young MT: 20yo

    • Very kind! I had a Norwegian schoolmate who’d pull me to the side, trying to suss WHY I was different from everybody else. Not exactly as a compliment but more of, ‘what’s going on that THEY all have the same hair, clothes and makeup and you do X?’

      ‘Sheep.’ 😀


      • LOL, maybe it wasn’t a compliment consciously. But it should be seen as one. Enough curiosity to find out what is behind that different “facade”.

        It’s funny. I didn’t follow the styles back when either. There were the occasional once-overs, but somehow I felt into a neutral No man’s land. No outcast, not popular but somehow still accepted.


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