colloquialism fun, Across the River

Had interview in Washington this AM. Bloke says, ‘Are you from Union or ACROSS THE RIVER?’ I rolled my eyes and said, ‘Certainly not across the river’ and we laughed. True story!
I’m not from Union, either but it’s even funnier that he could tell from my accent that I was not. Washingtonian! Excuse me:


I worked that out of my accent back in my 20s but that wasn’t the only tell.

Washingtonians are the snobbiest (and any I’ve been friends with are t ashamed to be snobs about it) people within 150 mi radius. If you’re passing through, they’re delightful.

You move here or try to work? Oh, lawrd!

‘Across the River’ is what Washingtonians call the pieces of shit who live literally across the Missouri River, whose village is New Haven.

People who live in New Haven do so because they aren’t good enough to be let into Washington and this is what EVERYBODY has told me my whole life and not as a joke.

One Washingtonian I know has grandparents Across the River. She’s very defensive and apologetic at the same time. She doesn’t offer this fact but if somebody finds out (not from down here, where anybody knows this local epithet), she immediately talks about their difficult life as farmers and how they made sure her dad got to go to university and better himself.

I think it’s hysterical cos I’m from The Big Woods, which ya know, was locked in the mid 1800s.

Who gives a shit???

But they do and I almost fell out of the chair when he asked that to my face! So, I made it a joke but what an uncool thing! It goes with some other uncool details that I won’t go into but I had to share this!


5 thoughts on “colloquialism fun, Across the River

    • Dreamjob interview is NEXT week. This? I’d take cos I need something but I don’t want to talk in details about it publicly. It was …not what I thought or anybody would expect.


    • And I’ve had other interviews where they liked me (this guy loved me, was flat out impressed) and the job wasn’t offered by HR. I’ve stopped counting. Seriously hundreds of apps and a lot of interviews. It usually comes down to giving the job to someone LESS qualified. I’m the over-qualified individual who they think will bolt. It’s stupid. I need a job & I’d do a BETTER job. So what if I leave in a year? It’s not that they’d be out training expense, in fact, they’d have me at a bargain as long as I was there (these other places who told me that).


  1. Yeah it’s frustrating to be overqualified. My code phrase to get the university job I’m wildly overqualified for was “low stress.” To let them know I wasn’t ambitious.


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