baking by smell

As an old lady, raised in Brigadoon, I bake by smell.

I felt off yesterday but assigned blame to getting shit-faced at a bridal shower the day before that. As my mate Terri said multiple times, ‘Glug, glug, glug.’ -what does she know? She only takes wine at Mass

Last night I was cold. I attributed that to the fact we hit -7C / teens F earlier in the morning and my body was revolting. -shut up! I know my body’s revolting

When I slept poorly and woke up roughly the DAY AFTER the ‘day after,’ we have something.

I’m on all Hillbilly procedures for lurgy as my bigdreaminterview is tomorrow. ::sigh::

I was FREEZING in spite of it only being 15C / 60F in my house. That’s not cold! I typically let it settle at 55F. I decided to bake (oven on, heating house).

Oh, look! It’s gf blueberry muffins.

But as I mentioned? I bake by smell and my schnoozle’s broken:

That’s a tad bit golden, shall we say? Still can taste:D


8 thoughts on “baking by smell

        • Thesestatejobs don’t let you know for weeks. It was the 2nd time I’d been with the regionaldirecter and the person who would be directly superior. The 3rd one was swapped out–don’t know why. It felt fine. THEY seems more relaxed.That could be because they have a 4 day weekend (US Thanksgiving) or maybe because they ‘knew’ me? I don’t know. I just know for sure the position is to be filled by 2 Feb. I suppose that means I will know by January. It would surely be a good Xmas present!

          I need to focus on American spellings again–just like at uni. I had to teach myself because they took off points for Canadian English spelling (what I was taught). In this position, I’d have to have impeccable US spelling and grammar. Yipes!


        • The waiting game … Great!

          Though just the fact that it felt fine for you and they were relaxed I think is usually a good sign.
          At least my experience is, where things went relaxed and smoothly, the job came through.
          Continuously keeping fingers crossed for you!

          Gesh, there is a difference between Canadian and US English?! Boy I am already having a hard time with US and British :))


        • Canadian English is ‘almost’ British. Like I NEVER grew up writing tyre, though somewhere as a kid I learnt that was UK. I wrote tire. Kerb? UK. Curb CA (& US). RecogniSe (UK & CA), recogniZe (US). This reminds me I need to start practiCing now.


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